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Transformer Bushings

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Transmission of electrical energy needs special equipments – Transformers, enable increase/decrease voltage at electrical substations. By rather stable output of energy transmission from primary to secondary circuit the value of current are changed. This quarantie a very high output to transmit to rather long distances by low losses comparatively.

Transformer Bushings

To reduce energy losses the three-phases transformers are used.
Not only transformer core as an important part of the transformer, such as oil cooler or Buchholz protection is, but also insulators – porcelain transformer bushings that connect a transformer winding.
Porcelain transformer bushing is a hollow insulator, glazed, with a different number of sheds and its diameter regarding to its use. The inner hole filled by transformer oil to extend its insulating characteristics.
Porcelain transformer bushings are manufactured in accordance to the international standards and based on customer´s drawing requests.
EPL is one of renowned european manufacturer of porcelain transformer bushings.


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