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TOP 10 advantages of porcelain insulators

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TOP 10 advantages of porcelain insulators Each application and conditions needs a different insulator material. Here we come with a TOP important advantages and characteristics of porcelain insulators. Some of them you might think to be well know, on the other hand some of them would be beneficial for you. Would you find arguments by porcelain insulators just for your applications, would be pleasure for us.

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We have tested: Insulator for electrostatic precipitator

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We have tested: Insulator for electrostatic precipitator Value of 140 t has been reached by testing support ESP insulator made in EPL without any destruction of the insulator. This value coresponds with the weight of 5-6 full loaded traks. Such value did not expect the most demanding customers. Test has been proceeded in Prague laboratory Klokner Institute Praha. Read more about Isulators for electrostatic precipitators (ESP).

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Hollow Insulators for Surge Arresters "made in EPL"

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Hollow Insulators for Surge Arresters "made in EPL" Porcelain Hollow Insulators for Surge Arresters „made in EPL“ protect the reliability of your transmission lines

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Transformer Bushings

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Transformer Bushings Transmission of electrical energy needs special equipments – Transformers, enable increase/decrease voltage at electrical substations. By rather stable output of energy transmission from primary to secondary circuit the value of current are changed. This quarantie a very high output to transmit to rather long distances by low losses comparatively.

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Ceramic Raschig Rings

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Ceramic Raschig Rings Raschig Rings Small thick-walled tubes, non-glazed special ceramic with its resistence against chemical influances. Mainly used in a petrochemical industry as a filling for destilations or absobtion columns.

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Ceramic mass for Artworks

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Ceramic mass for Artworks Ceramic mass used for HV insulators production at EPL, is highly requested by number of articts, designers and sculptors for their works of art. EPL ceramic mass has an extra long life in its row form and it is easily to work with for works of ATS based on atrists customer´s satisfaction and thein experiances. Many of the artists leave their artworks fire by firring processes by reduced temperature at EPL as well.

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Ceramic Milling Balls

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Ceramic Milling Balls Ceramic Milling Balls used in ceramic industry as a filling element for milling tanks to mill ceramic mass or color pigments. Ceramic milling balls produced of high hardness quartz fabric or of the alumina porcelain containing Al2O3.

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