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Ceramic Milling Balls

Přidal: Počet shlédnutí: 1858

Ceramic Milling Balls used in ceramic industry as a filling element for milling tanks to mill ceramic mass or color pigments. Ceramic milling balls produced of high hardness quartz fabric or of the alumina porcelain containing Al2O3.

Ceramic Milling Balls

Granulometrical structure of ceramic fabric is reached by its milling – wett technology. The optimum fulfilling of milling tank is approx. 50-55% its volume. Total fulfilling volume of milling balls, water and milling suspension inside the tank should not be more than 80% its volume.

Milling technology:
Cascade - by low speed and less filling
Cataractous - by high speed and filling the milling tank more than 50%. For gross milling is recommended.
EPL produce milling balls of ceramic mass C110 a C130 acc. to EN 60672, different measures of 40, 50, 70 mm etc. Also EPL milling balls we use ourselves to mill ceramic fabrics at EPL facilities for production ceramic insulators.


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