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Ceramic Cores

Ceramic Cores

Ceramic cores for precision casting by means of pattern method

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Ceramic cores enable to shape in casting of ferrous and non ferrous metals cavity of complicated form. These cores guarantee also high dimension accuracy high surface quality and easy remove of ceramic core after casting process.
Main application for casting process of heat resisting Ni alloys, high-alloy steels, conventional steels and aluminium.

Typical products

3 types of ceramic cores in accordance with complication of fashion

Simple core type
cylinder or rod with length ratio L : D = 18 : 1
Medium core type
ceramic core with complicated shape and different weights and sections, howerer without claims to dimension accuracy of function part requirements of surface roughness and quality are not very high
Most complicated core type
core with complicated shape and big differences in weight, high for dimension accuracy not only for prints for holding the core in the mold, but for all basic dimensions, futher for surfacequality and for mechanical strenght
It's possible to provide ceramic cores of these basic dimensions:

D = 5 - 18 mm, l ≤ 120 mm
D = 20 - 25 mm, l ≤ 70 mm
max. dimensions 140×90 mm, thickness 17 mm and with max. mass 200 g
Dimension tolerances of core parts gripped in molda (tally marks) are for individual types always discussed with customer.





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