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High alumina annealing and melting crucibles

High alumina annealing and melting crucibles

ApplicationAnnealing and melting crucibles resistant agaist melt for use in laboratory and industry for temperature up to 1500 °C

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Material AG 202 (C795)
dense high alumina ceramics containing 95% Al2O3
Properties of AG 202
unporosity dokonalá
water absorption 0 %
bulk density 3.75.10³ kg/m³
bending strength 375 MPa
shock resistance min. 140 K
coefficient of thermal expansion 20 - 600 °C
6 - 8.10-6 K-1
abrasion resistance (ČSN 721028) 0.13 mm
electric strength min. 25 kV/mm
surface resistivity at 200 °C min. 1012 Ωcm
surface resistivity at 600 °C min. 108 Ωcm


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