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Ceramic crucibles and lids

Ceramic crucibles and lids

Typical productsCrucibles of diferent shapes and sizes.

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In high – rate analyzers for determination carbon and sulphur contents in metals/ iron, steel, non-ferrous alloys, rubber, carbon black, cement, slag, coal, kerosene etc.
Material T 02 can be used also for further application in metallurgy where and thermal shock resistance are required. Crucibles are suitable for melting and casting of dentist compositions.

The products have high thermal shock resistance, minimum quantity of carbon and sulphur.

Typical products

Crucibles of diferent shapes and sizes.


Also we can offer

Wolframgranulat dimension of corns 0.5 - 2 mm (package 2.5 kg)
Graphite inserts for ceramic crucibles (type IZODENT)

Material T 02
porous siliceous ceramics 80% SiO2
Properties of T 02
water absorption 6 - 12 %
bulk density 1.8 - 2.3.10³ kg/m³
bending strength min 5 MPa
coefficient of thermal expansion 20 - 600 °C
4.0 - 4.8.10-6 K-1




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