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Raschig rings

Raschig rings

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Raschig rings. Diameter 20x20, 25x25, 35x35, 50x50, 80x80. Minimum order quantity 10 000 pcs. Offer will be made based on individual calculation.

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Raschig Rings
Small thick-walled tubes, non-glazed special ceramic with its resistence against chemical influances. Mainly used in a petrochemical industry as a filling for destilations or absobtion columns.

A German engineer Frydrich Raschig in 1890 came up with a technology of fractional destilation in columns through ceramic rings.

A characteristic diameter of ceramic rings depent on diameter of the column and a number of distributive partitions

Today, this technology grows through new ideas, e.g. Pall rings of Berla rings.
The advantage of Raschig rings is its low-cost production. For its values the Raschig rings are highly used at technological processes where columns are used.




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